Best love couples in literature: Romantic Awards 2021 by PocketBook

February 10, 2021

On the eve of Valentine's Day, love begins to surround us from all sides: it's in films, commercials, malls, and, of course, in books! Moreover, in the most diverse ones: from classic masterpieces about eternal values, to novels about fantasy worlds or crime stories. And of course, love in such novels is also described in different ways.

Therefore, we decided to create Romantic Awards 2021 by PocketBook, dividing our favorite love couples into several categories so that Romeo and Juliet do not compete with Bella and Edward. Meet our triplets of PocketBook Romantic Awards 2021 winners in different genres!

Classic literature

# 1 "Romeo and Juliet" - Romeo and Juliet

Yes, it sounds a bit corny, but how can any love rate do without this tragic couple? Centuries later, this classic from Shakespeare continues to be a symbol of pure and beautiful love, which, alas, has lost in an unequal battle with reality.

# 2 "Love in the Time of Cholera" - Florentino and Fermina

Most of Marquez's works are permeated with the poetry and romance of Latin America, but the love story of Florentino Arisa for the beautiful Fermina is the most impressive. Reading this masterpiece, even the notorious skeptics will live all the ups and downs with the main characters.

# 3 "The Great Gatsby" - Jay and Daisy

One of the greatest novels of the 20th century and one of the most striking love stories in literature, could not help but be on our chart. Almost a hundred years have passed since the first publication of the book, and Jay Gatsby's feelings for Daisy continue to inspire more and more generations of readers.


# 1 "1984" - Winston and Julia

Love in a time of tyranny and total control over every step of an ordinary person seems to be something unreal. Well, the relationship between Winston and Julia was like that: unreal and doomed in advance. But who said that this made them less beautiful?

# 2 "Never Let Me Go" - Kathy and Tommy

The world created by Nobel laureate Kazuo Ishiguro can hardly be called a classic dystopia. We see it through the eyes of human clones who are raised to become organ donors in due time. But the example of Kathy and Tommy demonstrates that clones are just ordinary people who can feel all the emotions, including love...

# 3 "The Hunger Games" - Katniss and Peeta

The story of Katniss and Peeta's relationship can hardly be called a usual love story: participating in deadly battles and overthrowing the dictatorship, the heroes often simply do not have enough time for romance. However, it's a great pleasure to follow the development of their feelings in the pages of novels.

Modern novel

# 1 "Normal People" - Connell and Marianne

The young writer Sally Rooney has already been labeled as Salinger of the 21st century: her characters are so close to readers, and in their actions and words you can easily recognize yourself or your friends. The novel about Marianne and Connell is a love story of millennials who are so insecure and don't know how to deal with this world and their feelings.

# 2 "Loneliness on the Net" - Jakub and the unnamed woman

The essence of Wisniewski's cult novel is perfectly conveyed in its title. Indeed, this is a book about how difficult it is to find your love in our crazy world. And also how difficult it is to keep her. The epistolary relationship between Jakub and his beloved, which is developing on the Internet, is the perfect love story in the digital age.

# 3 "Bridget Jones's Diary" - Bridget and Mark

It can be argued for a long time how much Bridget and Mark are similar to their prototypes from the immortal classics of Jane Austen. But it's hard to deny that this fun and romantic story fascinates from the very first pages.


# 1 "Harry Potter" - Ron and Hermione

No offense to Harry and Ginny, but the main love couple in Rowling's saga is undoubtedly Ron and Hermione. During all seven books, we watched their relationship developed and matured until finally, we got the long-awaited happy end. Which, by the way, can outshine even the epic final battle with Voldemort.

# 2 "Twilight" - Edward and Bella

"Who will Bella eventually choose: Edward or Jacob?" Perhaps no fantasy saga could boast such a vivid love triangle as the novels by Stephenie Meyer. As a result, Bella and Edward became one of the most popular couples not only in modern literature but in pop culture in general.

# 3 "The Witcher" - Geralt and Yennefer

Can you imagine a more suitable couple than a monster hunter and a powerful sorceress? Of course, Geralt and Yennefer have to defeat many demons: both real and personal, but this makes their love even more impressive.

Detective novels

# 1 "The Postman Always Rings Twice" - Frank and Cora

Love can push people to make strange (and sometimes even awful) decisions. The history of the relationship between seasonal employee Frank and the wife of the restaurant owner, Cora, is a clear confirmation of this.

# 2 "Rebecca" - de Winter couple

When a young girl accepted a marriage proposal from a wealthy widower Maximilian, she did not even suspect what dangers awaited her in the family estate. But despite all the dangers, the heroine continues to love her husband, sincerely dreaming of a happy life from scratch.

# 3 "A Scandal in Bohemia" - Sherlock and Irene

The genius detective did not have time for romantic feelings for a woman, but if it were possible, then such a woman would undoubtedly become Irene Adler - a brilliant swindler who left Sherlock Holmes himself a fool!