PocketBook Basic Lux 3: more possibilities, more comfort

January 19, 2022

PocketBook announces a new entry-level e-reader with SMARTlight, dual-core processor, and Wi-Fi module - functions that were previously available only in more advanced models. At the same time, the device remains as simple and affordable as possible.

SMARTlight – more than just a frontlight

The ability to turn on the frontlight and to read even in complete darkness is very convenient. However, SMARTlight technology raises reading comfort to a whole new level. Now you can adjust not only the brightness of the screen but also its color temperature. With SMARTlight, you can add a warmer or cooler tone to a page and save presets for quick switching in the future.

Safe E Ink screen – the best choice for reading

PocketBook Basic Lux 3 features a 6-inch E Ink Carta ™ screen with a resolution of 758 × 1024. The device is completely safe for eyesight: thanks to electronic ink technology, the e-reader's screen is close in optical characteristics to a printed page. With PocketBook Basic Lux 3, you can enjoy e-reading without restrictions - your eyes will not get tired even after prolonged reading. In addition, the E Ink screen does not glare in the sun, so the device is great for outdoor reading.

Wi-Fi and cloud services for even more possibilities

The presence of a Wi-Fi module makes PocketBook Basic Lux 3 even more convenient and user-friendly. Users get quick access to the branded bookstore and other book platforms. And thanks to the PocketBook Cloud service and the PocketBook Reader mobile app, the entire library is instantly synchronised between the e-reader and other devices: smartphone, tablet, laptop. Also, internet access allows you to quickly download updates and move books to the e-reader in just a few clicks with the Send-to-PocketBook function and the Dropbox PocketBook service.

All the most popular formats

The e-reader supports 23 formats (19 book and 4 graphic), which makes life much easier for users. You don't need to spend a lot of time converting a book from one format to another: PocketBook easily opens DJVU, DOC, FB2, HTML, MOBI, RTF, TXT, JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF files. And even DRM-protected EPUB and PDF files.

Dual-core processor and memory card slot

The new dual-core processor and doubled RAM (512 MB) increase the speed of PocketBook Basic Lux 3 and the smoothness of page-turning. The built-in memory of the model is 8 GB, while the additional memory card slot will significantly increase the storage size. The e-reader's memory is enough to create a vast electronic library with thousands and thousands of books. In addition, PocketBook Basic Lux 3 demonstrates energy efficiency, unlike traditional e-readers - the model can work for up to a month on a single charge.

Compactness, lightness, minimalism

The device weighs only 155 g, and its dimensions are comparable to a small notepad. It means that your library can fit not only in a bag or backpack but even in a coat or jacket pocket. PocketBook Basic Lux 3 is available in black color that goes well with the tasteful and minimalist design of the e-reader.

PocketBook Basic Lux 3: functionality and simplicity for a pleasant e-reading.