How to keep your e-reader safe: simple rules and tips by PocketBook

June 3, 2021

Every PocketBook e-reader is an ideal gadget for reading. Why? Because regardless of the model type and some tech features, all our devices are completely safe for eyesight, can work up to 1 month without recharging, and are also lightweight, compact and stylish.

But despite its reliability and functionality, any e-reader is a rather delicate device that requires careful handling.

Therefore, we offer you some useful tips on how to keep your e-reader safe. You can watch our brand-new video or read about useful advice below. But the best choice is to watch and to read:)

1. Your eye-friendly superhero also requires some care

Please remember, that e-reader is very different from a usual smartphone. Due to the unique structure, E Ink screens are super safe for the eyes, but they also need some special attention and respectful treatment. So, don’t forget these simple rules:

  • Don’t twist the screen;
  • Don’t press too hard.

2. Every hero needs a protective suit

The best way to make the best e-reading device happy and safe is to wear it on a special cover. That will protect the device against dents, scratches, and other mechanical damage. Moreover, the cover provides PocketBook with some extra usability.

3. The device’s superpower is comfortable e-reading, not flying

Nearly any object (unless it's a ball) is not too happy about hitting the floor. Including PocketBook. Please do not forget about the delicacy of the E Ink screen, and do not drop your entire library with several thousand books on the floor.

4. Every hero needs a safe hideout

Wherever you go, ride, fly or sail, PocketBook is always at hand with an exciting book to read. But it will be much better, if you’ll keep him away from such dangerous roommates (or bagmates) as keys, scissors, and other sharp or heavy objects, that can harm your e-reader.

These ground rules are also waiting for you in our new video about handling with e-reader safely.