Your PocketBook will read aloud even more lifelike – meet new voices of Text to Speech

July 1, 2021

PocketBook has great news for all users, who like not only to read books but also listen to them! Due to the massive update of the Text to Speech function, some brand-new voices will delight users with a more natural sound.

The first model, which will receive the new voices, is PocketBook InkPad 3 Pro. Within two months, the update will be available on all devices with audio support: PocketBook Touch HD 3, PocketBook InkPad 3, PocketBook InkPad X, PocketBook Color, and PocketBook InkPad Color.

What is Text to Speech?

The new Text to Speech voices are developed by ReadSpeaker, a global voice specialist providing 90+ natural-sounding, lifelike synthetic voices in 30+ languages. In simple terms, with Text to Speech, the device can read any text document aloud, making it as close as possible to listening to a real person. A user just needs to select the “Voice option” in the menu of any e-book, and your e-reader will turn into a storyteller.

Rediscover Text to Speech with new natural sounding voices

New voices are far more lifelike, which makes TTS as close as possible to a usual audiobook. But unlike audiobooks, Text to Speech is always on hand and allows e-reader users to hear any text file in a matter of seconds. This is the key advantage of the function: in any situation, an audio version of any book is available to the user, without long searches, purchases, and downloads.

How to get new voices for TTS?

If you own the PocketBook InkPad 3 Pro e-reader, all you have to do is install the new firmware version 6.4. New voices will become available after downloading the update. All new devices produced from now will automatically receive brand-new voices.

If you own another PocketBook device with audio support, just check your updates and don’t forget to install firmware version 6.4 when it becomes available for your model.

Discover new possibilities of PocketBook: read and listen to your favourite books with no limits!

Watch our new video about Text to Speech and discover a useful feature that all reading lovers will appreciate, as you never know when it is more convenient to listen to a book than to read it.