PocketBook Viva – full color gamut and all audio features possible for e-reader

December 13, 2022

*UPDATE* - Due to development problems on the part of suppliers, the start of sales of the PocketBook Viva has been postponed until further notice.

PocketBook announcing PocketBook Viva, the first in Europe color e-reader with the breakthrough E Ink GalleryTM 3 display. The innovative 8-inch screen can display a full color gamut, making color content on eye-friendly E Ink screen brighter than ever.

PocketBook Viva also impresses with a built-in speaker and Text-to-Speech function, IPX8 water protection and an adaptive SMARTlight. The device also received a powerful quad-core processor and 64 GB memory to collect thousands of books. Ultra-modern design with side control buttons and impeccable ergonomics make PocketBook Viva an e-reader that inspires reading at first sight and touch.

Color PocketBook Viva will appear on stores’ shelves at the end of the first quarter of 2023 at the price of only 599 EUR. It's time to open a new page of e-reading in color!

Meet the most colorful E Ink Gallery 3 screen

PocketBook Viva is the first in Europe e-reader that uses the revolutionary color E Ink Gallery 3 screen. Every single pixel is filled with color pigments, which makes the color combinations richer and more saturated. E Ink Gallery 3 was created based on the new approach that does not involve the use of the Color Filter Array, which allows displaying the full color gamut. Both color and black-and-white image have now the same high resolution of 1440 × 1920 and 300 PPI.

The innovative color E Ink Gallery 3 screen has all the unique properties and optical characteristics of classic E Ink, which make the e-reader extremely energy efficient and eye-safe. Moreover, thanks to E Ink ComfortGazeTM technology, the effect of "blue light" on users’ eyes can now be eased. ComfortGaze frontlight technology reduces Blue Light Ratio (BLR) by up to 60 percent compared to the previous generation of front light design, which provides additional comfort and protection.

The book-size 8-inch screen suits perfectly for any content: from ordinary books to color comics, magazines, or documents with graphs and tables.

Thanks to the SMARTlight function, users can adjust not only the brightness but also the color temperature of the screen, choosing the warm or cool tone of the frontlight.

Built-in speaker and many other audio features

PocketBook Viva is an ideal e-reader for audiobook fans: it supports 6 audio formats, has a built-in speaker, Bluetooth and Text-to-Speech function.

Just press Play to enjoy an audiobook anywhere, anytime, and without any extra devices. The e-reader is equipped with Bluetooth version 5.2 for quick connection with wireless headphones, speakers, or other audio systems. With the Text-to-Speech function, the e-reader can read aloud any text file with naturally sounding voices, turning it into an audiobook.

Aesthetic perfection and ergonomics

PocketBook Viva is a real work of art that combines refined elegance, thoughtful ergonomics and convenience, so important in daily use. Despite the large screen, the e-reader remains light and compact. The side control buttons make it as comfortable as possible to hold and control the device. And thanks to the G-sensor, which automatically rotates the screen, the e-reader is same perfectly comfortable for left- or right-handed users

IPX8 water protection

PocketBook Viva is protected against the influence of water according to the IPX8 standard. It means that the e-reader can withstand immersion in fresh water to a depth of 2 meters for a period of up to 60 minutes without any harmful consequences. The protection from water gives more confidence to users, when getting caught in the rain or relaxing with favorite book in a bath.

Quad-core processor and other PocketBook Viva features:

  • 64 GB of built-in memory - for a large library, which is always at hand;
  • A record number of formats without conversion – PocketBook Viva supports 23 formats (19 book and 4 graphic formats), including formats of comics;
  • Support for 6 audiobook formats - listen to audio files in M4A, M4B, OGG, OGG.ZIP, MP3, MP3.ZIP formats;
  • Powerful quad-core processor;
  • Dual band Wi-Fi and PocketBook Cloud services - for synchronization with other devices and convenient management of the library;
  • The vast number of dictionaries – in addition to 11 pre-installed language combinations, users have 42 combinations available for free download.

PocketBook Viva - full of colors, full of superpowers!


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