PocketBook Touch HD – high comfort of reading and listening

August 31, 2016

PocketBook Touch HD made in best PocketBook traditions provides wide opportunities with touch-screen, built-in wireless Wi-Fi, preinstalled dictionaries, more than 30 languages of interface localization and support of 22 formats not to mention mp3.The new e-reader is equipped with E Ink Carta screen with HD resolution (1072х1448) and 300 DPI, that guarantee high contrast and sharpness of the picture. The screen characteristics ensure perfect balance between white and black colors of e-page to make the reading most comfortable for the eyesight.

There is a pleasant surprise for those who like to read and listen to music at the same time. PocketBook Touch HD received all needed features for audio playback. The e-reader supports mp3 format and have standard 3,5mm audio jack. The user may download the collection of favorite music to the device and combine reading with music. The well-chosen audio background will strengthen emotional effect from the book. It is very easy to manage the audio settings - change the sound level or turn the audio off, while reading.The same features give opportunity to listen to audio-books. A user have alternative now – to read a book or to enjoy professionally recorded audio-book in mp3 format. Another one valuable characteristic – PocketBook Touch HD have Text-to-speech function, which converts text into spoken voice output. It means the e-reader may read aloud any book or document in any text format.

To store user’s digital library and audio-collection the new e-reader is equipped with 8 GB of internal memory and external microSD card slot (up to 32 GB). An efficient processor of 1GHz and 512MB RAM provide fast response and stable work of any application and smooth turning of pages.

The user of PocketBook Touch HD may select content in any format – the device supports without converting 18 popular text and 4 graphic formats (JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF). The preinstalled Abbyy Lingvo® dictionaries (21 translation directions) are essential for foreign books reading. Built-in wireless Wi-Fi together with Dropbox, Send-to-PocketBook and PocketBook Sync services will allow to deliver any e-content on the device fast and easy, without having connection with PC.

The simple and elegant appearance of PocketBook Touch HD in classic black color will suit any kind of style. On the front panel there are the manual bottoms, which may be used together with the touch-screen. The compact e-reader with dimensions 113,5x175x9mm and 180g weight is perfect to use anywhere - on the go, in office or at home. It comfortably lies in the palm due soft-touch back panel with perforated dots area.

PocketBook Touch HD – your freedom of choice and satisfaction from comfort.