PocketBook InkPad Color: meet the first 7.8-inch e-reader with color E Ink Kaleido™ Plus screen

February 8, 2021

PocketBook is proud to announce the PocketBook InkPad Color, the world's first e-reader with the latest 7.8-inch color E Ink Kaleido™ Plus screen capable of displaying 4096 colors. The new PocketBook InkPad Color also features audio playback and Bluetooth.

The large screen uses new color E Ink technology, making the device ideal for reading any type of content: from ordinary black and white books to colorful illustrated comics, children's books, business literature and magazines.

E Ink Kaleido™ Plus color screen – the next step of e-reading technology

PocketBook InkPad Color is the first of its kind. The e-reader features the latest E Ink color 7.8-inch screen. E Ink Kaleido™ Plus is an upgrade from ePaper E Ink Print Color technology and is the next step in comfortable and safe reading in color.

The screen of the new model can display 4,096 colors and shades. The changed pattern of the color filter increases the brightness and saturation of colors, while the background of the page becomes whiter. The technology provides the highest possible level of comfort to read colorful content on eye-friendly E Ink.

At the same time, the innovative E Ink Kaleido™ Plus screen retains all the unique properties of E Ink technology: it is completely safe for the eyes, does not glare in the sun, and is extremely energy efficient. The clarity of black and white text remains flawless, thanks to the high screen resolution (1404x1872) and 300 DPI.

Frontlight for the best e-reading experience anytime

The eye-friendly frontlight provides users with maximum freedom to read with PocketBook InkPad Color in any light, any time of the day.

Also, the frontlight plays another essential role in all e-readers with a color screen. E Ink Kaleido™ Plus technology uses a combination of monochrome panel and color filter, which gives the electronic page a cool-hued tint. Using the frontlight even, at the lowest brightness level, helps to optimise the optical performance of the screen.

Bluetooth, audio, Text-to-Speech: big opportunities for audiobooks fans

PocketBook InkPad Color plays files in six popular audio formats, such as M4A, M4B, OGG, OGG.ZIP, MP3, and MP3.ZIP, which is great news for users who like not only to read but listen to books. The Text-to-Speech function also deserves special attention, turning any text file into voice playback in one of 16 languages. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, the e-reader can connect with wireless headphones or car audio-system, allowing non-stop listening.

23 formats support, memory card slot

Not including audio formats, the device can open files in 23 of the most popular formats: 19 book and 4 graphic. This feature guarantees comfortable reading without the need to convert almost any content: books, magazines, textbooks, non-fiction, professional literature, comics, etc.

The e-reader boasts 16GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot up to 32GB. Therefore, the device will have enough space for an impressive book/audio library. Another advantage of this model is the USB Type C connector (USB 2.0 standard) for charging and connecting headphones via the supplied 3.5 mm audio adapter.

Lightweight and elegant e-reader

Despite the large screen, PocketBook InkPad Color weighs only 225 g, which makes it one of the world's lightest 7.8-inch e-readers. So, the device will always find a place in your bag or backpack for the daily commute. In addition, the PocketBook InkPad Color stands out with its stylish, elegant design and attractive Moon Silver color, which turns the gadget into a real piece of art.

PocketBook InkPad Color: enjoy all the colors of your favourite books on a big 7.8-inch screen.