Overview of firmware update for nine PocketBook models

August 18, 2022

PocketBook presents the latest software update for its e-readers, which will give even more benefits to the owners of the following models: InkPad X, InkPad Lite, InkPad Color, Inkpad 3 Pro, InkPad 3, Color, Touch HD 3, Touch Lux 5 and Touch Lux 4.

What new features will your PocketBook receive after installing the latest firmware? Find out in a brief overview of the new software:

Major updates for InkPad X, InkPad Lite, InkPad Color, InkPad 3 Pro, InkPad 3, Color, Touch HD 3, Touch Lux 5, Touch Lux 4 e-readers

  • Support for two new e-book formats - AZW and AZW3. From now on, your PocketBook will open books in these formats without conversion.
  • The books opening speed in MOBI format and comic books in CBR & CBZ formats have been improved.
  • Much more branded PocketBook dictionaries become available to users with the new firmware. You can select and download the necessary dictionary in the Dictionary app or while reading with dictionary mode on.
  • It is even more convenient to read PDF files thanks to the new modern "Quick" engine (based on Pdfium in Reflow mode), and rendering optimization of new pages heavy scanned book pages in PDF format.
  • Authorization in the branded Book Store automatically provides authorization to the PocketBook Cloud service.
  • The ability to activate and deactivate the automatic download of books to PocketBook Cloud was added.

Update your e-reader and enjoy the outstanding comfort of e-reading! Download the new firmware here:

PocketBook InkPad X


PocketBook 970


PocketBook InkPad Color


PocketBook InkPad 3 Pro


PocketBook InkPad 3


PocketBook Color


PocketBook Touch HD 3


PocketBook Touch Lux 5


PocketBook Touch Lux 4