Firmware 6.5 is available! New engine for PDF files, “Scroll mode”, and much more

October 28, 2021

PocketBook is excited to announce the next software update, version 6.5, for its e-readers. The new firmware will make reading PDF files much more comfortable with the modern Pdfium engine and "Scroll" mode. It will also add a photo frame app, simplify the search in the Store application, improve and optimise a lot of other details and functions.

Firmware 6.5 is already available for PocketBook InkPad 3, but shortly, it will also be available for download on InkPad 3 Pro, Touch HD 3, and other popular e-reader models.

The biggest updates that will become available with Firmware 6.5:

  • A new faster engine (Quick based on Pdfium) supporting up-to-date PDF book formatting for working with PDF files. Put simply, the pages of PDF documents will open faster, and the reading process will be even more comfortable.
  • New "Scroll" mode for files with fixed layout (PDF, DjVu). This mode allows you to "stick together" document pages, creating the effect of continuous scrolling. This makes reading and working with the file more convenient.
  • Autocomplete suggestions when searching in the Book Store app will greatly simplify the process of selecting and purchasing new books.
  • Explore the new "Photo Frame" app for viewing photos in a slideshow. You can also add the current time and capture date to the image.

Other important updates:

  • E-reader performance improvements;
  • Scrolling speed increase for PDF and DjVu files;
  • Turning pages with the "swipe" gesture is even more convenient;
  • Book Info menu opens faster;
  • More precise sorting of books by name, file name and series in case their metadata contains numbers (numerological order instead of lexicographic);
  • The search for a book in the library is now automatic while typing;
  • The new “Sync” icon is added to the “Send To” folder. Quickly connect with the Send-to-PocketBook service directly from the Library app;
  • The Browser app received a full-screen mode.

The new firmware version 6.5 brings a lot of useful improvements to your PocketBook, so be sure to download it and experience all the great updates that will make your e-reading even more comfortable.