The e-reader with the best design: PocketBook Era received the prestigious Red Dot Award

April 12, 2023

PocketBook Era has been honored with the world-renowned Red Dot Award for its outstanding product design! The PocketBook flagship 7-inch model was recognized for its sleek and ergonomic design that offers an unparalleled reading experience.

The Red Dot Award is a prestigious international design prize that honors the best products from various industries since 1955. The award recognizes excellence in design, innovation, functionality, and quality.

“The design of PocketBook Era embodies the philosophy of modern minimalism, combining the elegant thinness of lines with phenomenal usability,” - says Alexander Morokko, Industrial Designer of PocketBook Era and other brand’s products. “The slim and classy e-reader’s black body contrasts perfectly with the screen and the exquisite silver or copper metal bezel. The perforated back surface provides maximum comfort for holding the device. The mechanical buttons on the side panel suit perfectly both right- and left-handed users, providing perfect reading comfort.”

PocketBook Era also boasts a unique cover attachment system. The removable plastic strip on the backside of the device uncovers a cover-catch panel, which allows connecting the e-reader with the branded covers, turning them into one. This approach made it possible to maintain the exceptional thinness and compactness of the device protected by a cover.

The Swiss brand PocketBook has always placed great emphasis on product design, taking into account the latest trends while maintaining the perfect compactness and convenience of its e-readers. Pocketbook's hallmark is the ergonomic hardware buttons, which have been present on every model released by the company since its foundation in 2007.

Having received this award, PocketBook Era joined such iconic brand’s models as Touch HD 3 and Touch Lux 4, which became Red Dot winners in 2019.