PocketBook CAD Reader Flex – innovative professional solution

December 2, 2014

At Autodesk University 2014, on December 2-4, in Las Vegas PocketBook will present a prototype of PocketBook CAD Reader Flex – a hi-end device for professional usage with the unique flexible structure of the housing.

The new device will receive a 13.3-inch diagonal E Ink Mobius flexible display and rugged plastic backplane. Moreover, PocketBook CAD Reader Flex is a record-breaker among E Ink devices, with its only 6,5 mm thickness. These two outstanding features make PocketBook CAD Reader Flex alike a standard A4 sheet of paper.

PocketBook CAD Reader Flex will be essential for all kinds of professionals who deal with massifs of tables, complex graphs and drawings, and is also perfect for documents studying and reading. The device will give maximum comfort of work wherever you are – at the office, in industrial environments, at construction facilities or in business trips.

The flexible E Ink Mobius screen is firmer than any other version of E Ink display, but still has main advantages of the technology – being glare-free and eyes-friendly. Fabulous screen resolution of 1600x1200 pixels provides great optical qualities and allows to zoom in without blotting, that provides superior user experience.

The device is dust and moisture resistant. The unique E Ink Mobius screen together with a rubber housing make PocketBook CAD Reader Flex also flection-resistant, while poly-urethane surface prevents accidental slipping. A user may carry the device in any bag, without worrying to damage it due to an accidental flection. These characteristics along with glare-free screen and long battery life make PocketBook CAD Reader Flex essential on outdoor activities including monitoring jobsite conditions, in-field quality inspections, capturing data and clarifying plans and specifications.
PocketBook CAD Reader Flex has a 1,5 GHz dual-core CPU which along with 512 MB of RAM provide quick and stable response. And 8GB of internal storage is enough to keep thousands of different documents. Built in Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 4.0 module promise vast communication opportunities. Mechanical paging button on the central panel down of the screen and a five-way joystick button provide fluent and comfortable menu navigation.
PocketBook CAD Reader Flex is an indispensable device which provides set of additional opportunities for wide range of professionals and gives high comfort of usage in office and outdoor.