PocketBook Basic Lux 4: affordable and ultra-light e-reading companion

August 7, 2023

PocketBook is excited to announce the launch of the affordable PocketBook Basic Lux 4 e-reader with a touchscreen display and frontlight! Featuring an eye-friendly 6-inch E Ink Carta™ screen, Wi-Fi and Cloud service, supporting 25 formats, and ensuring weeks of battery life, it is the perfect entry-level device for everyday reading pleasure.

The super-lightweight and compact PocketBook Basic Lux 4 will hit the shelves in the nearest weeks.

Enjoy safe e-reading with no eyestrain

PocketBook Basic Lux 4 features a 6-inch touchscreen HD display using E Ink Carta™ technology, providing exceptional comfort and safety for eyes. The screen's optical characteristics are nearly identical to that of a regular paper page, making it easy to read for hours without causing eyestrain or loss of focus. Additionally, the E Ink screen does not glare, making it comfortable to read outside even in bright sunlight.

Eye-friendly frontlight

PocketBook Basic Lux 4 with a built-in frontlight allows comfortable reading in any lighting condition, including complete darkness. The frontlight technology is designed to be highly eye-friendly, with LEDs directed along the screen surface to illuminate the e-page rather than shining directly onto your face. It ensures a pleasant and gentle reading experience.

Handy, compact, and long-lasting e-reader

PocketBook Basic Lux 4 is a convenient and compact device that weighs only 155 g and fits easily in any bag or even in a pocket. The e-reader is handy and extremely easy-to-use due to the mechanical control buttons and the touchscreen. Basic Lux 4 also boasts incredible energy efficiency: one full charge of the device provides up to a month of active reading!

Your vast library is always at hand

The e-reader supports 25 book and graphic formats without conversion, including the most popular: ACSM, AZW, CBZ, DJVU, DOC, EPUB, FB2, PDF, TXT, JPEG, and PNG. Thanks to Adobe DRM support, you can even borrow books from online library services. And don't forget that with Basic Lux 4, your entire library will be at hand because, in addition to the built-in memory of 8 GB, the e-reader has a slot for memory cards.

Cloud services and free dictionaries

PocketBook Basic Lux 4 features Wi-Fi, so you can buy books in any online store conveniently manage the entire library and synchronize files with other devices with the PocketBook Cloud.In addition, the Dropbox service also allows fast and easy e-books delivery to the device. The e-reader comes with 11 preloaded dictionaries and additional 42 language combinations available for free download. It makes Basic Lux 4 an excellent device for learning and improving foreign languages.

PocketBook Basic Lux 4: your affordable and smart e-reading companion