PocketBook InkPad Color 2: enhanced 7.8” E Ink color screen and built-in speaker

April 26, 2023

The Swiss brand PocketBook is announcing the next model in its line of color E Ink e-readers – PocketBook InkPad Color 2 with the enhanced E Ink Kaleido™ Plus screen. The device is packed with cutting-edge features to deliver an unparalleled reading experience: built-in speaker, Bluetooth®, Text-to-Speech function, adaptive SMARTlight and IPX8 water protection.

Get ready to meet PocketBook InkPad Color 2 in refined Moon Silver color this spring.

Improved color screen

PocketBook InkPad Color 2 is equipped with the enhanced 7.8-inch E Ink Kaleido™ Plus color screen, capable of displaying 4096 colors, while remaining completely eye-friendly. With an improved color filter array, our new display delivers better hue and saturation performance, making color content even more attractive and vibrant. A book-sized 7.8" screen allowing experience the ultimate reading comfort.

Enjoy reading a wide range of content, including illustrated children's books, manga, business literature, and periodicals, all in color and clarity.

Choose a warm or cool screen tone with a SMARTlight

With an adaptive SMARTlight feature, you can customize the frontlight's brightness and tone to your preference. Moreover, the active SMARTlight on a minimum brightness level helps optimize the optical characteristics of the E Ink Kaleido™ Plus screen, providing maximum reading comfort.

Read with perfect comfort for your eyes in any lighting, whether it's a dimly lit room or a bright, sunny day.

Built-in speaker, Bluetooth & Text-to-Speech

PocketBook InkPad Color 2 is the ultimate e-reader for audio enthusiasts. The device supports for 6 audio formats, has a built-in speaker, Bluetooth connectivity, and a Text-to-Speech function. Thanks to the built-in speaker, you can simply press Play and get lost in your favorite stories without additional devices. The e-reader also features Bluetooth 5.2, ensuring quick and seamless connections to wireless headphones or speakers. Additionally, the Text-to-Speech function enables the e-reader to read aloud any text file with natural-sounding voices, almost transforming it into an audiobook.

Carefree reading with IPX8 water protection

PocketBook InkPad Color 2 is reliably protected against water damage according to with IPX8 standard. The device withstands immersion in fresh water to a depth of 2 meters for up to 60 minutes without any harmful consequences.

No matter where you enjoy your favorite book, you can read worry-free, knowing the e-reader is designed to endure unexpected water exposure.

The device that inspires a love of reading

PocketBook InkPad Color 2 fits perfectly in hand; it is ergonomic and easy to use. The e-reader impresses with the exquisite design, and attractive Moon Silver color. This combination of convenience, quality, and aesthetics makes InkPad Color 2 an ideal reading device that you will want to keep with you every day.

25 formats support, quad-core processor, and other InkPad Color 2 features

PocketBook InkPad Color 2 also features:

  • 32 GB of built-in memory for your dream library;
  • All popular formats without conversion – the e-reader supports 21 book and 4 graphic formats, including AZW, EPUB, FB2, DOC, TXT, PDF, DJVU, CBR, CBZ, JPEG;
  • 6 audio formats support – enjoy audiobooks or music in M4A, M4B, OGG, OGG.ZIP, MP3, MP3.ZIP formats;
  • Adobe DRM support – borrow books in online libraries for free thanks to the Adobe DRM technology;
  • High-performing quad-core processor;
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi, PocketBook Cloud & Dropbox – for quick shopping, library management, and synchronization with other devices;
  • Free dictionaries – 11 pre-installed language combinations and 42 combinations available for free download.

PocketBook InkPad Color 2 – bright times of e-reading!


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