E-reader under the Christmas tree: why PocketBook is the best gift for children and adults

December 13, 2021

If you still have no idea what to give your family and friends for Christmas, we have a great idea! How about a gadget that will appeal to both schoolchildren and grandfathers, that will entertain and educate, that will not harm your eyes or distract you from perfectly comfortable reading? Yes, such a device exists, and it is called a PocketBook e-reader!

On the eve of the holidays, we have prepared a whole bag of facts that will surely convince you that an e-reader will be the perfect surprise under the Christmas tree.

Why PocketBook is the perfect Christmas gift for a child

Are you planning to surprise your kid with an exciting book - but don’t know which one? Any PocketBook e-reader has enough space for all the masterpieces of children's literature: from Treasure Island and Tom Sawyer to Warrior Cats and Harry Potter! In addition, unlike a regular book, a gadget can more easily interest and captivate today’s children.

And to make a child's reading experience even brighter, you can choose a PocketBook with an innovative colour screen. Illustrations on the pages of books will look much more attractive, and the eyes of young readers will be reliably protected by E Ink technology.

PocketBook and Santa recommend the following models: PocketBook InkPad Color, PocketBook Color.

Why PocketBook is the perfect Christmas gift for a teenager

PocketBook is not just another device for playing games, watching videos, or chatting. Our e-readers are designed primarily for reading so that no social media will distract teenagers from a book or a textbook. Speaking of textbooks: PocketBook weighs no more than a regular notepad, but it can accommodate the entire school library. It is just a dream for any student with a heavy backpack.

At the same time, PocketBook is much more than just an e-reading device! Many models are feature Bluetooth and play audio files so that you can listen to audiobooks, podcasts, music, foreign language audio lessons, etc. Also, on the e-reader, you can read comic books and manga, which teenagers will surely like.

PocketBook and Santa recommend the following models: PocketBook InkPad 3 Pro, PocketBook InkPad Color.

Why PocketBook is the perfect Christmas gift for grandparents

Do you think that elderly people struggle with modern technology? Well, it is definitely not a PocketBook story! This incredibly easy-to-use gadget will be a real gift for your parents and grandparents. In addition to the touch screen, each e-reader features convenient control buttons, and the weight of most models does not exceed 225 grams. In other words, PocketBook is easy to hold and manage.

Another advantage of the e-reader is the ability to enlarge the text to a convenient size quickly. This will allow anyone to read with maximum comfort and without straining their eyes. In addition, PocketBook is a huge bookcase that can easily fit thousands and thousands of volumes for every taste. So, you can forget about book dust forever!

PocketBook and Santa recommend the following models: PocketBook Touch Lux 5, PocketBook Basic Lux 2.

Why PocketBook is the perfect Christmas gift for your significant other

PocketBook e-readers differ not only in unique characteristics but also in size and design. It means that you will definitely find a model that will perfectly suit your loved one. A compact and ultra-light PocketBook Touch Lux 5 in red that fits into any handbag or a large and stylish PocketBook InkPad Lite for reading and working with documents? Or the device can be waterproof or with audio support? It's up to you to decide!

In addition, the e-reader with a large screen is an excellent device for romantic pair reading. All modern PocketBook models include frontlighting or SMARTlight technology so that you can read anywhere and anytime: in the aircraft cabin, in a dim room by the fireplace, or even on a hike under the starry sky.

PocketBook and Santa recommend the following models: PocketBook InkPad Lite, PocketBook Touch HD 3.

Why PocketBook is the perfect Christmas gift for you

With all those presents for family and friends, don’t forget about yourself! Not in the festive mood? Treat yourself with the long-awaited e-reader under the Christmas tree because who, besides yourself, knows precisely what you need!

Whichever PocketBook device you choose, you are guaranteed to get an e-reader with an eye-safe E Ink screen, support for all popular formats (book, graphic, and in some models, audio), modern design, and a long-lasting battery designed for a month of active reading on a single charge. Your new e-reader can have a colour screen, be water-resistant and provide comfortable reading even in the dark thanks to the frontlight or SMARTlight function.

PocketBook and Santa recommend the following models: PocketBook InkPad X, PocketBook InkPad 3 Pro.


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