PocketBook Touch Lux 4 Limited Edition – perfection in details

October 21, 2019

Meet the limited edition of the bestselling e-reader PocketBook Touch Lux 4 in exquisite gold colour complete with a stylish protective accessory. On the eve of Christmas holidays, PocketBook prepared the best gift for all admirers of electronic reading – the exclusive gift version of the ultra-light and elegant e-reader with an HD screen and frontlight.

Tested and appreciated worldwide

PocketBook Touch Lux 4 is one of the brand’s bestsellers, combining the Red Dot award-winning design and exceptionally lightweight with high productivity and several advanced features. The e-reader is equipped with a multitouch 6-inch E Ink Carta™ HD screen, frontlight and Wi-Fi. The model supports the largest number of formats on the market – 19 in total, including 4 graphic and 2 to read comics. The native PocketBook Cloud service synchronises books throughout all devices and allows for comfortable reading in all circumstances.

Unique colour for a premium design

The elegant gold colour of the PocketBook Touch Lux 4 Limited Edition perfectly complements the timeless design of the model, which won the Red Dot Award 2019.

The discreet shade of gold makes the device perfectly suited to both men and women and emphasises the pursuit of perfection in details.

In addition to its minimalism and ergonomics, the e-reader also stands out for its unprecedented compactness and lightness. Model weight - 155 g, dimensions - 161.3 × 108 × 8 mm. With such dimensions, the device can even fit in a jeans pocket.

Gift cover - design and protection rolled into one

The exclusive gift version of the PocketBook Touch Lux 4 comes in a set with a stylish cover that will protect the screen from mechanical damage. The device can be carried in any bag without worries of scratching the screen. Also, the cover allows you to place the e-reader conveniently on any surface for the most comfortable reading experience.

Another advantage of using the cover of the PocketBook Touch Lux 4 Limited Edition is increased energy efficiency. The model is equipped with a cover sensor, which automatically turns the device to sleep mode after closing the screen.

An additional year of warranty

Another pleasant surprise from PocketBook is an additional year of warranty for the PocketBook Touch Lux 4 Limited Edition. When purchasing a gift version of the e-reader, you receive one extra year of free warranty service. Thus, the warranty for the PocketBook Touch Lux 4 Limited Edition is extended to three years.

When choosing the PocketBook Touch Lux 4 Limited Edition for loved ones or yourself, you refuse to compromise on perfect comfort, refined style and fascinating reading.

Turn on your festive mood with PocketBook.