Halloween Mood: Top 7 Books/Adaptations to Read and Watch Before the Holiday

October 22, 2021

If pumpkins suddenly start smiling at you on the street, it only means that Halloween is very close :)

But if this fact does not make you feel positive, don't worry! We know how to quickly fix the situation and bring you back to a festive mood.

All you need to do is re-read and re-watch our Top 7 books/adaptations, which are rightfully considered the masterpieces of the horror genre!

"The Shining"

One of the most popular Stephen King novels has received cult status in many ways thanks to the adaptation by Kubrick. The good old story of a writer who slowly goes crazy in the backdrop of a huge empty hotel never gets bored!

"The Silence of the Lambs"

Only real people who create real horrors can be more terrifying than otherworldly forces... The book about the serial killer is great, but the film with the genius Anthony Hopkins is no worse.


A classic for all time! The story of the most famous vampire is a must-read for all horror lovers. Halloween is the perfect time to forget about the nice-looking teenage vampires and return to the bloodthirsty original.


The adaptation of Koji Suzuki's novel became a real hit, giving us one of the most striking images - Samara. However, the original book is in no way inferior to the film and maybe even surpasses it.

"Rosemary's Baby"

The viscous and hopeless atmosphere of Ira Levin's novel is brilliantly transferred to the screens by the Oscar-winning Roman Polanski. Both the book and the film scare first of all by the realism of this terrible story about Satanism.

"Don't Look Now"

Venice, death, ghosts, strange visions... Daphne du Maurier's novella not only frightens but also captivates with the beauty of the scenery. As well as its adaptation by Nicolas Roeg.

"The Exorcist"

William Friedkin's film about the obsession with the devil is rightfully considered a classic of world cinema. Interestingly, the author of the original novel, William Peter Blatty, acted as a screenwriter and even won an Oscar for Best Screenplay.

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