Video: PocketBook and E Ink about color ePaper and the new 7.8-inch InkPad Color

February 19, 2021

Watch our new video in which PocketBook and E Ink answer questions about color ePaper and the new and long-awaited color e-reader with a 7.8-inch E Ink Kaleido™ Plus (E Ink new Kaleido™) screen.

The PocketBook InkPad Color is another big step in the development of e-reading in color. The history of color PocketBook devices began back in 2013 when a unique PocketBook Color Lux with an E Ink Triton™ screen was presented. Then, 7 years later, in 2020, PocketBook was the first in Europe to release a 6-inch PocketBook Color e-reader with an E Ink Kaleido™ screen. Inspired by its success, at the beginning of 2021, PocketBook presented InkPad Color – the first color e-reader with a large 7.8-inch screen, based on the updated E Ink Kaleido™ Plus (E Ink new Kaleido™) technology.

In a joint video by PocketBook and E Ink, representatives of the companies share the secrets of a new product, talk about the development of color E Ink screens and answer questions from the Good e-Reader, a well-known blog about e-reading.