Boundless reading with water-proof PocketBook Aqua 2

May 16, 2017

PocketBook represents the highly anticipated successor of Aqua series – water-proof and dust-resistant e-reader in attractive azure color – PocketBook Aqua 2. Now with frontlight, HD touch-screen, audio output capabilities, wireless Wi-Fi module and support of 17 formats, the new device achieved all features to give advanced reading experience.

PocketBook Aqua 2 has IP57 (Ingress Protection) rating according to the international classification system. For a user it means that PocketBook Aqua is protected from dust ingress and can be immersed into water to a one meter depth with no harm to the device. This unique features guarantees the most care-free reading anywhere – outdoors or home. PocketBook Aqua 2 gives a wide choice, of the perfect place for reading – on a yacht, on the beach, by the pool or relaxing, taking a bath.

Stylish e-reader is implemented in tempting blue-azure color with pearl shade. The delightful color evokes pleasant memories of warm and calm sea waves and entices to plunge into the relaxed and comfortable e-reading.

Convenient and ergonomic mechanical paging buttons are placed on the front panel for comfortable usage, holding the device with one hand. Soft-touch covering of the housing gives pleasant tactile sensations and prevents pollution, including those from fingerprints.

Equipped with capacitive multisensor E Ink Carta™ 6-inch screen and HD resolution (1024x758 pixels), the new e-reader provides excellent contrast and ensures the high comfort for user’s eyesight. As distinct from its predecessor PocketBook Aqua 2received build-in LED frontlight, which guarantees the complete freedom of reading at any lightning conditions.

8 GB of internal storage allows keeping a real digital library of several thousands of e-books in only 180 gram lightweight device. Having a capacious Li-Ion Polymer battery of 1500 mAh, the device gives opportunity to read day after day during up to a month without interrupting for recharging.

Except standard accessories, retail package of PocketBook Aqua 2, contains Micro USB audio adapter, which makes possible to listen to the audio files in mp3 format and use Text-to-speech function.

To provide maximum freedom in choosing e-content PocketBook Aqua 2 supports 17 book formats without converting and 4 graphic - JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF. Built-in wireless Wi-Fi along with, Dropbox and Send-to-PocketBook services allow to deliver any e-content on the device fast and easy, without having connection to PC. Traditionally for PocketBook devices, the new e-reader includes preinstalled Abbyy® Lingvo dictionaries for convenient reading also on foreign languages.

PocketBook Aqua 2 – the power to resist for confident and courageous!