E ink Technology

E Ink technology was developed as an alternative to the ordinary paper book to provide more freedom to those who love to read. The safety for eyes, ability to use in the sun and power consumption – all these features guarantee the most comfortable reading, regardless of the time and place.


With its optical properties, E Ink screen is as close to a traditional book page as possible. You can read on E Ink device for hours without any reduction of the effectiveness or other negative impacts.


Safe for eyes

As opposed to smartphones and tablets, reading on E Ink screen is harmless to the eyes. Using PocketBook is similar to reading of the usual book: our eyes do not feel tired, thanks to the reflective characteristics of the screen.


1 charge - 1 month

Low power consumption of e-reader makes it possible to charge it approximately once per month. All because of E Ink screen, which uses the power of the battery only to change the image on the screen.


No glares in the sun

In contrast to devices with LCD displays, which become useless at the sun, reflective E Ink screen gets even more easily readable in the sunlight.


Wide viewing angle

E Ink display provides better comfort of reading due to a wider viewing angle of the reflective screen.